The Beginning

A little background music please……..

A lot of you may already know my story……you can tune out for a while if you like !!!!!!!
This is for those who don’t.
I am Wollongong born and bred and very proud to say so.
I grew up studying ballet and not so interested in school…..shhh don’t tell my mother !!!!!
I was lucky enough to pursue that as a career. I joined the most wonderful dance company. I travelled, performed, met some wonderful people that have all become my extended family and I got paid for it. That experience has taught me some very valuable life lessons. How you work as a team, how you trust others with your hopes and dreams, but most of all…..if you’re smiling and confident, you can get through almost anything.
I have 3 wonderful and very different children.
A beautiful daughter who is such a beautiful, gentle person.
Number 1 son……who is also caring in his own ways…..he has been my challenge and my teacher. He has taught me tolerance and understanding.
Number 2 son……he is 7 nearly 8 and is a very special little boy.
I’m very proud to be their mum.
I am also now a grandmother blessed with identical twin boys that are nearly 2. How lucky am I ???
I am single these days and just quietly, I’m loving it.
Two years ago I had a breakdown, which led to a break up……which in turn took me to a breakthrough!
We recently lost my dad….so we are pulling together to help mum and ourselves get through this.
I work as a Store Manager for Noni B and have been with the company for 10 years now.
I will go into several of these points over time so you can understand where I am coming from and whet I have to share from all of these experiences along the way.
Oh yes…..I’m 49, or as my dad would tell me… my 50th year!!!! Thanks dad.
I would so like you to join me on this journey.
If you are willing to please like, follow and share Sugarloafdreams.
Leave me a comment as I would love to hear from you.


5 thoughts on “A little background music please……..”

  1. Good on you Lisa…. When life throws you a curve ball, you can either let it hit and knock you out of the game or catch it and throw it back… Here’s to throwing it back xxxx


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