The Beginning

About all this……

You are possibly wondering what this is all about.

The name? This is Sugar Loaf Rock, I recently stood in front of it and felt it’s beauty. I was with one of the best humans on the planet and that was special…….picking this name was easy. 😊

The purpose? To bring a bit of light and love to people. It’s that simple.😊

To reach out to people is my wish. To help people feel good is my dream.

So…..come along and dream a little dream with me.



2 thoughts on “About all this……”

  1. Love your intro Lisa, I’m intrigued to know why Sugar Loaf is so special to you, what makes it so beautiful in your eyes? Who is this best human and how did the experience with this person make it so special?


    1. Thank you Michael for your feedback.
      Firstly….it really is a beautiful, imposing rock… the Indian Ocean.
      The person that took me there hadn’t been there for nearly 30 years……to see his eyes light up when we got there is what made it special. The fact that my trip took him back there meant something to me. The thing that ties it all back together is my special human, well he is my rock.
      I hope that gas answered your questions.


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