What does it look like ?

So many people are affected by depression these days……but do you know what it looks like?

It can be that girl who’s always smiling.

Someone that’s always criticising or grumpy.

It can be a mix of emotions that swing to extremes.

But it can also be the person who is always tired, always trying to please others. The go with the flow person who doesn’t want to be noticed.

It can be that constant lump in the throat, gnawing in the stomach or those dreaded internal shakes that you can feel but not see.

That constant feeling of things going wrong or feeling like you’re letting people down. It’s putting on a brave face amongst family and friends.

It’s Β lack of concentration or being too focused. It’s not being able to sleep or sleeping continuously. It’s pain that racks your body at all times. It can be not wanting to eat or eating too much.

And yes, it can also be a very lonely and sad place.

How do I know? Because this was me……..all of it.

Take time to look at those around you. Please don’t try and tell them ” it’s not that bad” or “snap out of it”. To someone who lives with depression it’s not a simple open and shut case.

Its a long road of recovery and self learning.

Be kind to everyone you meet, that might be all that they need.

What does it look like?

It looks like me !




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