The Beginning

Beautiful beginnings

It’s 1991 ……

I find myself the mother of a beautiful baby girl. Every mothers perfect baby.

She slept when you thought she would (Yes, all night), she rarely cried and was just a sheer delight.

I returned to work when she was just 6 weeks old, but she was in good hands with my mum, dad and grandfather. Those early years she spent with them has given her a relationship so close……it’s just beautiful.


Along came baby number 2, a bouncing baby boy.

Bouncing ? OMG, he’s now 22 and still bouncing !!!!!!

Where his sister was happy, laid back and placid……..he was the opposite.

Where did I go wrong? You could hear me ask this question many times over the next few years.

Sleep………we didn’t get a full nights sleep til nearly 5 years of age. I was a walking zombie while he was an Eveready battery!!!

What we didn’t know was the journey that lay ahead.

1994…….. Β I’m a single parent…..don’t feel sorry for me, it was my choice.

By this time it was becoming evident there was something amiss with myΒ gorgeous little boy.

Just prior to his 3rd birthday he was diagnosed with severe ADHD. Believe it or not this was a relief…….there was a problem, he wasn’t just a naughty boy……I’m his mum, I can fix this !!!!!! Oh boy, I must have been delusional from all that lack of sleep.

Imagine it……..a whirlwind and and angel in the same house. It’s going to be problematic.

So…….this is what we have, now how are we going to deal with it?




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