And so it goes……

Time for a new start.

My beautiful ballerina is in the Performing Arts High School and her little bro is about to join her on vocals.

Wow, using his talents will hopefully ease some of his troubles, right? Wrong !

Same problems, different location.

I at this point in time had a new man in my life. I’d been alone for 8 years and I enjoyed it. Why I let someone in I’ll never really understand. Seemed like a good choice at the time comes to mind !!!!! Good for me and a family structure for the kids………. Mmmmmmmmm.

Anyway it was also around this time that I started to have some difficulty of my own…….not quite right and couldn’t put my finger on it. My family called it PPMS, permanent PMS…… So I went to my Dr. That’s when I was first diagnosed with depression. My doctor, knowing everything happening within the family wasn’t surprised. In all honesty, either was I.

My son heads off to high school, his sister in year 8.

The one and only time she has ever caused me concern was that year. In April she became ill…….under active thyroid and chronic fatigue …….it’s frightening when your active child is sleeping 20 odd hours a day. I gave up work to be at home with her……8 months off school in the end.

At the same time, her brother was feeling the pinch of trying to make new friends, it wasn’t going so well. He was also self harming at the time…… It was all getting a little difficult.

Remember, I still had this man in my life…..I’d like to say he was a help, but I can’t. Still, love is deaf, dumb and blind at times………so I didn’t give up.

We had 6 months of travelling to and from Westmead Hospital for my daughters treatment. My son was spiralling further down emotionally and academically. Something had to give.

Once my beautiful girl was able to return to school, I decided to seek the help of a different Dr for my son. Back up to Westmead we went……..I always thought there was something else, not that I ever wished for more to be wrong, but a feeling. He was diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 14…… This on top of the ADHD and bi polar. Oh and we’ll throw in oppositional disorder at no extra cost………..

Scary? You better believe it.

Now how to get the teachers to understand…………



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