The Beginning

Did I say deaf, dumb and blind??????

Ballerina is back on track with her health, but unfortunately no longer has the strength to dance. Why not try your hand at singing? Knock me over she was good at that too. Clever girl πŸ’œ

My son, newly diagnosed with Aspergers on top of everything else gets himself an aide at school. Boy were we lucky, he was working with one of the nicest blokes in the school, a friend that is still in contact now. On a good day, my son was fantastic…….on a bad day, he may as well have been at the beach. The teachers, not all of them, but most of them only saw the potential never the struggle. So school life was still a constant battle. Interesting though……I had signed permission for any teacher, deputy or principal to have access to my sons records. That way they could gain some insight and be able to teach him as best they could. Only 3 teachers in 5 years ever bothered.

On a personal level however, we were all doing well. So well I made a decision that would impact on all of us……..I was going to have a baby 😱😱

With all the challenges my son had put us through, my daughters illness, not the most ideal partner πŸ˜‚ at the age of 41 I was pregnant !

So at the age of 42, after a lot of shock, disbelief and a far amount of criticism……my 2nd son was born. I call him my Christmas present as he came into the world, in a mighty rush, on the bed at home ( I didn’t plan a home birth) exactly 7 days before Christmas.

You think the house may have been chaotic prior to this?

Stick around……….





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