Content 😊

I’m sitting here tonight after a beautiful day with my gorgeous twin grandies. Mummy and daddy are having a well earned weekend away……great grandma and I have them for 3 days.

Just watching their innocence and sheer joy at so many things. At nearly 2, I have to say they have impeccable manners and rarely forget to say please, thank you and sorry when they do something they shouldn’t.

The older one (older by a minute) is the true big brother, always watching out for his little buddy (who he calls bubby). They are so very close and in true little brother form, bubby copies everything the other does.

They have had mum and I smiling all day long. They say hello to everyone they meet and of course bring lots of smiles because of it. They delight in the simplest things…… I said, pure innocence.

They disappeared today and the next thing we heard was them calling grandma……when we found them, they were sitting on grandmas bed, up near the pillows waiting for her. I know it brought a tear to her eye.

Its all quiet here now, but there’s a good chance one or both will be awake through the night……. That’s ok, more cuddles to be had 😊😊


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