As I sit here on my last morning of baby sitting duties, listening to my gorgeous grandies play, chat with their great grandma and between the 2 of them, I am filled with so much joy. I awoke to a little hand, that had joined me in bed at 12.15, gently rubbing my face. When I opened my eyes……I saw the most beautiful smile followed by ‘I luv you mamma’. Oh boy did that just melt me.

I’m also getting organised to go to the airport to pick up my most precious cargo…….son number 3 is coming to spend a week of the school holidays with me. Apart from 1 weekend visit a month, l haven’t spent a week with him since April. Gosh that seems like a lifetime ago, so much has happened and changed since then. It’s going to be a wonderful week.

I approach today with a little trepidation, this is the 1st time son, aged 7 has flown unaccompanied. I know he will be fine and probably enjoy it, but I also know that he isn’t looking forward to it and is somewhat frightened. Bring on 12.35 when I know he will have safely landed ✈️😊

9 days full of love, cuddles and laughter……who could ask for more.


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