We’ve all got them and along with our families they make up the beautiful tapestries of our life.

There are old friends and new. Many or few. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day it’s the quality not the quantity of friends that makes all the difference.

Those first years of school when you are making friends you don’t understand how long life really is. If you still have friends from all those years ago, cherish them. That is rare believe it or not. Remember when you would lose a friendship and your whole world would come crumbling down? As we grow we realise there are so many other things that will happen through the course of our lives that will hurt us more. When a friend walks away from you with no explanation after 36 years, that hurts. I still have no answer for that one. It took me over two years to get passed it. But I did.

I am so very lucky to be surrounded by people that care. People that I have known for over 30 years and people I’ve known for 12 months. One that is like a sister, she knows all my naughty secrets and still loves me. Through my years as a performer I have a collection of very special friends. We don’t see each other any where near often enough, but when we do, it’s like we’ve never been apart. We care, as much as a family……that’s what we are. I can’t imagine my life without them in it. Thankfully, I don’t have to.

I have friends I’ve gathered through my children, my work and shock of all shocks…….Facebook !!!!!

Facebook has brought people back into my life that I wouldn’t have been able to track down any other way. It was through Facebook that we were able to have our high school reunion. It was also how we planned our reunion for our dance company. It’s a fantastic way to stay close, when we are scattered so far apart.

Twelve months ago I tracked down an old primary school friend…….36 years since we had been in contact. What a very special reconnect that has been. Not only have we been able to regrow a friendship, but we have a circle of friends because of it that are unique. These people are my CRAZIES. We are all of similar age, children, divorces, a little broken and a whole lot of special. We can talk about absolutely anything without fear of judgement or ridicule. We are there for each other when needed, something I was astounded by when dad passed away. I had known these people for such a relatively short amount of time in the big scheme of things, but their love and support meant everything.

And then there’s those friends that are just comfy. You know, like putting on an old robe and slippers. I mentioned one earlier……my keeper of my secrets. My sister of time. She has known me since I was 16….. Been there to pick up the pieces of all of my relationships….she must be relieved I’m single, no pieces to put back together. She is family and I love her to bits. Her wonderful other half has also had to put up with me all these years. It is a friendship I will treasure forever. As I said, it’s family.

Then there is my very special human. We’ve known each other again for over 30 years, but I would not have made it through the past few years without him. Apart from my therapist, he is the only person that knows everything. He has been my voice of reason, my encouragement, my rock. Even at times when he was on some very shaky ground of his own, he never failed to hold me up. He is the one person I can say absolutely anything to, and I do. I’m sure there are times he wished I wouldn’t, but he just does. He is my safe place to fall. When I first mentioned starting this blog and asked what his thoughts were, the answer I got was……..yes, yes, yes. So if you are disappointed in this blog, you have him to blame……..forever friends, to the moon and back.

As I said at the start…….friends come in and out of our lives. Some are there for a little while, some forever, I hope. The main thing is that they help make us better people. You cannot be a friend without honesty, trust, empathy and love. Reach out to the friends you don’t see very often. A simple hello could just make their day.

Above all else, care for that rich tapestry and remember it’s a gift.

Cherish it 😍



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