When you become a parent it is overwhelming. You are consumed with so many emotions all at once. Joy, relief, shock, wonder, hope and most of all love. Instantly, for most, it is a love like no other. It is all consuming, protecting and unconditional.

As you watch this little human that you have brought into the world, you realise just how amazing life really is. Right from that very first second, you are their world. It is you that gives food, warmth, security and comfort to this little bundle of wonder. You start to understand why people can’t explain this to you…….you really don’t get it, until you experience it for yourself.

When you get that delightful news that there is another bundle on its way, you wonder. You know how much you love number 1, and I don’t care who you are, at some point before number 2 arrives, you wonder how you are going to love them as much. It’s another miracle of life…… just do.

Hearts and emotions are beautiful things…….they just expand to love, without question.

You will hear parents say that they love all their children the same. This isn’t true……they may love them equally, but not the same. It’s impossible…..every child is different and therefore demands to be loved differently from their siblings. They would have to be exact clones of each other to be loved the same.

Back in 2013, when I was at my lowest and about to lose my youngest son, I didn’t believe anything would help heal my aching heart and mind…….but then I was given a gift.

A most precious gift from my beautiful ballerina and her partner……..identical twin grandsons!!!!!!

WOW…….I understood instantly why my parents were so besotted with their grandchildren. What an overwhelming surge of love. Love not only for the new additions, but a different love for your child. A new level of pride and respect for your own child that has just become a parent.

Back to those new additions. I could never understand the special love that a grandparent has for their grandchildren. I still don’t believe I can explain it completely. It is like the love you have for your own children but it’s Β on steroids!!!!!!!! Again, just wait until it happens to you if it hasn’t already……’ll know, it’s just so special.

My grandies arrived in my life at a perfect time. At no point did they or have they replaced my little man that lives away from me. They have, however, given me a great distraction and a path for all that love.

As they are now approaching their 2nd birthday they continue to amaze me. Yes they are identical, some days they look it and some days they look very different. They do have different personalities… therefore, they too are loved differently. The oldest, by a minute is just that. He has taken his role as big brother very seriously already. The youngest, he is a cheeky little mite that will have his brother keeping him out of trouble for many years to come.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m older and slightly removed being that they are not with me every day. But to watch the art of love coming from them towards each other, is a form of wonderment in itself. Over the years I have heard and read about that special bond between multiples……but to watch it evolve is very special.

So my heart has grown beyond my own imagination ……the individual love for each of my very different children and the special love for my grandies. I am a very grateful person for being so lucky to have them all in my life. πŸ‘¬πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’™





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