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When the day has come to an end and you turn in for the night, take the time to breathe deeply and reflect on the day.

Think of all the good things that happened. The people that have passed through your day and whether you gave them a smile or a kind word. It’s not about how they treated you……but how you gave back to them.

If negative things happened, give them some thought too. Did you cause them? Probably not. Could you control them? The answer is more than likely no.

Each day is made up of positives and negatives, good and bad. We can only take responsibility for the things we cause or can control……everything else needs to be acknowledged and left behind.

Be grateful for the chance to experience a day at all…..there are some that have not had that privilege. Our days are what we make them, so plan on them being mostly good.

So again, smile, be kind and be grateful for the opportunities that we are given every single day. When somethings goes awry relax. Take two steps back and change direction. Most negative situations arise from misunderstandings. Not listening or watching what’s really happening around you.

I know this sounds simple……and once you start to put this into practice, you’ll see it really is. Give it a try.

So sweet dreams til sunbeams find you…….


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