What is it?

Happiness…….what is it to you?

Its more than just putting a smile on your face.

Yes it’s a thought, a feeling, an emotion, but it is so much more.

To be truly happy, the planets need to align so to speak.

Happiness begins with you and your thought process. You. Not your partner, your children, your parents, your job. Yes these things all help, but without a deep sense of self and awareness…..none of them will really help.

Believing in yourself and what you are worth is the first stepping stone. Having the confidence to accept yourself, including all your flaws and understanding what you have to give is a great place to start.

Look at all the positive things in your life, be grateful for those. People tend to take for granted the everyday things that make our life meaningful. Really look hard at these things, they will be different for all of us. Being grateful is the core to happiness.

If you find that you are constantly feeling negative about something it will sap good energy from your life. If it is not necessary, look at ways to remove it, or change it in some way to a more positive vibe. Remember, you can only change things within your control. If it is not yours to control, look at ways to alleviate the negativity. It could be as simple as discussing it with someone whose opinion you trust.

Trust……your own intuition, that teeny, tiny voice that you can hardly hear at times, listen to what it’s saying…….sometimes it’s not so quiet, it screams at us. How often do you ignore it and regret it later?

As I said, happiness starts from within. You can’t expect someone or something else to make you happy. If you’re not happy from within anything else is a touch up and eventually will wear off.

Be confident, trust in yourself, be grateful for the little things that make you feel good. Love your family, your friends, your space, but most of all yourself.

Once you are satisfied with yourself, only then can you look to be happy from within. People will notice the change, be prepared for that, not everyone will like it, they don’t have to, you do.

Think about it. How happy are you?



I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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