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What’s happening????

I am a self confessed news junkie, but I find I am tuning out more and more.

The days of a ‘good news’ story are very few and far between. There is so much violence and hate in the news these days, it’s all over the world. Race riots, drive by shootings, domestic violence, school shootings, refugees…….

It’s very clear that violent crime is up here in Australia……the lead story on the news everyday is another murder or attempted murder. However, what is happening around the world has been happening for decades. So why are we so affected by it now ????


We now have access to news 24/7, modern technology puts us there instantly. So the difference in the world is that we see a lot of these incidents unfolding before us.   We see sortees over the Middle East from the cameras on the fighter jets themselves…… We stand with the reporters in the middle of a race riot. We are put right in the middle of violent chaos and human emotion.

For some people this is overwhelming. There are super sensitive people with anxiety, depression, agoraphobia just to name a few conditions that are so severely affected by our everyday news, it can make them very dysfunctional , fearful of leaving home, being in crowded areas, frightened of public transport. What is more concerning to me is the effect on children that are exposed to the constant doom and gloom. I can only hope that parents are being diligent in what they are exposing their young minds to.

Technology has moved this wonderful world of ours forward in ways our older generations could never have imagined ……..but it has brought with it the access to the most horrid if world events. Balance is what is needed……yes, you don’t have to watch it, you can turn it off……but some don’t know how and they are often our most vulnerable of society.

At the end of the day, we all need to do what we can to make our own part of the world warm, inviting and most of all safe. If we all did that the world may be a more peaceful place. Remember, what happens in this world of ours now will affect our future generations. Let’s leave them a healthy and more loving world.



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