November !


Where has the year gone?

Yet again I can’t help but be reminded that we are living such a fast paced life, the days, weeks and months just fly by. Didn’t we just have Easter? Of course I know we didn’t, but it really seems like a few weeks ago. Now we are less than 9 weeks from Christmas.

How much of this year has passed you by without you even noticing? If you are anything like me, quite a lot of it has if you are going to be really honest with yourself.

I heard a frightening statistic this morning. We are 50% busier than our parents were……WHAT? REALLY?


We aren’t working anymore hours, if anything our work hours for the most part are less. So what are we doing that is making us do busy that we are missing out on our life along the way?

I grew up going to dance lessons, my mother worked and took me to those lessons, made all my costumes…..she was busy. Was she any busier than me? I don’t think so.

When my oldest children were young, we did this really novel thing for fun…….we went to friends places for our children to play together and for us to have a coffee. Imagine that, no coffee shops 😱😱 We now live in a culture of lots of coffee shops, lots of restaurants, shops open longer, supermarkets open til late, all to suit our modern lifestyle. So family time has gone from spending it at home or at a friends house to doing it all in public.

These days most families are dual income to keep up with rent, mortgages, utilities, childcare etc, but along with that comes an amount of disposable money for some. Instead of that being saved or put towards good use, it’s mostly spent on leisure. 20 years ago an occasional take away was a special occasion, now spending $20-$30 a week on coffee alone is the new normal.

If we are busy, it’s busy being ‘out’. People, lights, noise, it all adds to our brains being ‘busy’. Busy on our phones, iPads, laptops……busy being over stimulated. Think about, if we, as adults are feeling this, what must our children be feeling.

Just stop !!!!! Even if it’s for 30 minutes. Stay home, turn off, reconnect.

It’s essential for a complete healthy and happy life.


I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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