There’s a hole in the bucket……..

Europe……. I have never been, but like many in my position it is a bucket list item. For the millions that have been, many wish to return. If you listen to their tales of travel they speak with almost a romantic melancholy, in a way that increases your desire to go, explore and experience it yourself.

It is filled with history, ancient ruins, instantly known by a picture the world over. Romantic scenes of fields of tulips in Holland, gondolas in Venice, glamour in Monte Carlo, snow capped alps in Switzerland and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Gastronomic delights, wines and champagne. Who wouldn’t want to go and experience a once in a lifetime event ?

Tonight as I sit here, watching in disbelief once again at the cruel twist in this world.

Paris……the city of light, of love……filled with hate. Brutal, unspeakable bloodshed and carnage. Fear all around….. Yes it is one city, but the events of the last twenty four hours is felt and will continue to be felt the world over.

And for what? Religion?????

I am the first to admit, I am not religious at all. Do I believe? I believe in ‘something’ but not necessarily someone. However, I do know this much, there is not one religion or one Bible, Torah or Koran that speaks of terror, hate, bloodshed and out and out murder as its way to a peaceful end. Yet over history, so much blood has been spilled in the name of religion. Why? Sadly I can’t answer that question.

From what I see, religion has nothing to do with what is infecting our world at the moment. Hate, greed, power and predujice seem to be driving this……..when will it end and what state will our world be in when it’s over? What are we leaving for our future generations? Again, I can’t find an answer suitable for that either.

As I said…….there’s a hole in the bucket…….my list is certainly on hold for now.





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