As you know I make no secret of my belief in magic, fairy tales, miracles and the happy ever after. It’s all around if you just look.

When my dad passed in June, we had the most glorious, perfect double rainbow that same afternoon. Ever since, rainbows have been my symbol that he is with me. I have lost count of how many I have seen since then.

Today as I headed off early to the airport to collect my son, I chose to go a different route, in doing so I glanced to my right and saw this…….


I quietly said ‘good morning’ and went on my way. If I had not chosen that different route, chances are, I would not have seen this and felt my dad as strongly as I did.

About 40 minutes later, travelling a road I travel every month to and from the airport, I had to stop at a red light. Again I glanced to my right, this is what I saw……..


Instantly taking me back to my holiday in WA with my comfy old slippers. It was a trip in which I saw Sugar Loaf rock, which shares the name of this blog, numerous rainbows followed us around the Great Southern, which made it feel even more special than it already was.

A trip that I not only wanted, but also needed, more than I realised until I returned home. It was a trip filled with love, light and warmth, all because of a friendship without equal. One which requires no explanation, just quiet understanding……..or in my case, not so quiet !!!!! I say what I mean and mean what I say. This trait has caused me some trouble over the years and even now, thousands of kilometres and a time zone apart, I can feel ‘that’ look, when I overstep……..

Now as I sit here, watching my son, I think about my very own miracle that came into the world a little too quickly, on the bed at home, a week before Christmas 8 years ago.

So many connections acutely entwined…….hopes, dreams, memories and yes, miracles…….all for the taking if you truly believe.



I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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