Original parts!!!!!

So it’s finally here…….I’m 50 !!

When I was a lot younger I imagined you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming into my fifties. There have been many years of kicking and screaming before this one. But no, today has just been a peaceful transition from yesterday.

Let’s face it, after all it is just a number, it seems like a big number, but a number nonetheless. Nothing has changed since yesterday except I have beautiful cards, flowers, gifts, cake, sentiments, much loved phone calls ………..oh and a blow up balloon manπŸ˜‚

Today has been a day of reflection over the past year……..there have been some beautiful, extra special moments but as you know, it has also been a year of loss and great sadness. To celebrate anything without dad here is difficult, but a milestone birthday is hard…….as usual I feel him strongly, especially when we as a family gather together. However at the family dinner last night his absence was palpable as was the absence of my youngest little man.

All I can say is today has reminded me of all the wonderful people I do have in my life and I am extremely thankful for that and very, very grateful. Having my twin grandies stand at my door with a flower each to give me this morning was so very special πŸ‘¬πŸ’™πŸ’™


Some parts could do with an overhaul, but it has also been added to. I’ve added memories good and bad, moments no one can take away from me, children, grandchildren, beautiful friends, lessons to learn by ……. Life. It’s been a bit bumpy at times, but for the most part I’ve survived. And if dad was here he would very cheekily tell me today…….Happy birthday my dear, you are now in your 51st year!!!!!!! It annoyed the hell out of us when he did that, but what I wouldn’t give to hear him say it again.





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