Top shelf !

We all have things we want in our life, but know we can’t have everything. Like walking into a beautiful bar and raising your eyes to the top shelf……. Whether they be out of your budget or just temporarily out of reach. You know you shouldn’t but……..

Now some people with more restraint than I would gladly head for the more attainable middle shelf without thought…….. Me? Oh please, restraint has never been my strong suit. I go head first into everything. This is probably why I get wounded so easily and so often. My theory on this is, we are only given one life, we should live it. I really am the girl who says what she thinks and how she feels and then hold her breath to await the consequences. Now this has thankfully worked sometimes and regretfully others not.

You all know that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia puts her hand in the jewellery box and Mr Gere snaps it closed…….. Saying you can look but don’t touch, yep that’s me…….always dipping my hand in those damn jewels hoping ! Quite a few bruises have developed on my fingers over the years. What is interesting is, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take chances. If I didn’t at least aim for the top self. There are some things in life that we just can’t have, no matter how much we want them. I’m the queen of wishing for the unattainable……you know fairytales and happy endings ………but I’m old enough to know that some dreams just don’t come true.

All I can say is if you really want something, take the risk……strut into that bar and ask for the top shelf……the worst thing that could happen is you could be told ‘I’m sorry, but that’s unavailable ‘. From there it’s up to you how you handle that. I have been told and reminded of this, but I will always reach a little higher than I should.



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