It’s almost here………

Christmas I mean.

How can I tell? Forget that I know the date, you can feel it. People are stressing, moody, traffic is building and car park etiquette is out the window !!!!!!

Consumers are rushing around in their lunch hours buying gifts without much thought as they’re on a deadline to get back to work. This makes them harassed, snippy and let’s face it, sometimes straight out rude. As someone that is on the other side of the counter this can be extremely draining. You smile, sprout pleasantries, do your best to fulfill their wish list…..but it’s not always enough. You wish them a Merry Christmas, some respond in kind, others question what is so merry about it…….. I agree this is not the merriest of Christmas’ for our family, but it’s my job to keep that just under the surface.

Driving home from work tonight I saw many homes twinkling and blinking in seasonal cheer. A part of me still looks at this with a childlike wonder…..the other part of me says ba humbug. Christmas is for the young……their excitement about everything Christmas is what keeps the magic alive, and we all know how much I like magic !!

For those that lean towards the religious side of Christmas I’m certain your faith will carry you through the season. For those that don’t, enjoy your loved ones and friends. Be kind to each other, not just now, but always. This is my Christmas wish to everyone.

Eat, drink and be merry. Most of all…….stay calm, respect the thoughts and feelings of others, be it family, friends or strangers. If you are travelling, do it safely. Take the time to be thankful for everything you have, everything you’ve had and those that you have lost. Remember, they are only a thought away.

Now……don’t forget to put out you milk and cookies, beer and fruit cake or whatever it is you leave for Santa Claus. Oh and don’t forget the carrots for the reindeer………

Did you ever really doubt that I would still believe in Santa?? πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸ˜‚





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