Be you.


No one is perfect! Now this may come as a surprise to some that believe they are, but they would be delusional!!!!!!

Our imperfections are what make us, well …….us. Unique, talented, loving, caring, giving and yes, taking human beings. Sometimes we see others as perfect and place them high on a pedestal, this is an extremely dangerous move…….the higher that pedestal the further the fall and the greater the disappointment for you.

Accept people as they are, flaws and all. It’s taken me 50 years , but I have learnt along the way that you just can’t change people. No matter how much you want to or think you can. But remember, whether it be a friend, lover or family member, you were drawn to that person for a reason, because of who and what they are. So why would you want to change them? If you see it as a potential for change, then that is not the person for you.

I have been through enough disappointment because of this over the years. I’m a fixer and in my own delusional way see that as a helping hand for others……..I even see some people as a challenge, I have finally realised you can’t fix everything. The people that I thought needed to change, I have let go and moved on from. If you can’t accept someone flaws and all then do them and you a favour and don’t try to change them, just keep walking.

Life is too short to spend it being disappointed with the things you can’t control. Learn to accept that and you will live a simpler, somewhat happier life.

When we know better, we do better……..this is an important life lesson. There are so many beautiful people with only the best intentions in this world and they are all different. What a magical tapestry that makes us. As usual, be kind to others…… extra kind to yourself. Everyone is doing the best they can.




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