New traditions…..

Hi, it seems like forever since I’ve been here.

Christmas has come and gone for another year. Did you get lots of socks, jocks and chocs? Regardless of what gifts you opened I hope you have spent some time with your family and friends. Creating memories, honouring old memories and traditions and starting new traditions to carry you through. For some Christmas is a time of loneliness…… one should be alone at Christmas. Not everyone that celebrates does so because of religion, for some it really is the only time of the year that people make an effort to catch up.

This year, being our first one with out dad, we chaged things up. Instead of spending it at mums place, gathered around her table, we skipped a generation (me) and celebrated at my daughters. We woke up with my precious grandies and their excitement was such a welcome distraction in what was an extremely difficult day.

Lunch was somewhat a more relaxed affair than normal, and with mum saying this was her last year preparing festive food, next year will be set to be an even more modern, relaxed day. Just quietly, I personally am hoping she will contribute with her trifle for many years to come, it really is the best and my favourite thing to look forward to on Christmas Day 😝

Unfortunately my body has chosen this week to act up like never before……if it doesn’t improve with a couple of days rest I will be forced to start using a walking stick at its worst times. Yes…….I really am becoming an old lady !!!! Yesterday as I walked or should I say limped and shuffled my way to my car I was being overtaken by spritley 80 years olds…….putting me to shame. It’s caused my demeaner to take a bashing, but it will pass (I hope) and I will once again be moving and thinking freer and clearer again, it’s just a matter of waiting patiently.

I’m sure you are all starting to plan your New Years celebrations as I write this……2016 is coming so fast. Whatever you do do it safely.

I would like to take this chance to say thank you. When I started this blog I never imagined it would be read and enjoyed by so many people across this great world of ours. I have loved every minute of it.



I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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