I know I have been rather absent of late. My body has let me down and as tends to happen, my mind has followed.

No I am not wallowing in self pity, but it gets you down being in pain 24/7, getting no relief with no end in sight. That being said I am doing all that I am capable of and trying for the most part to approach it with a smile and a healthy sense of humour. I admit to having some very dark and low moments lately and that has led me to withdraw so as not to inflict those moods on others.

Like everything in life you get back what you put out. My aim through Sugarloafdreams has and always will be to give light, laughs, honesty and positive energy. I thank you for your reading and encouragement more than you could know.

I have turned my life around in so many ways over the past few years…… me, I have been lost more times during that time than I care to remember. I have always been an optimist with an uncanny way of landing on my feet……however, my feet have had trouble holding me up lately and caused me a lot of self doubt and questioning. What I’m doing, how I’m doing it, who I need and more importantly want in my life????? You know all that adult stuff we all seem to get to eventually in one way of another…………



Well, better late than never, right?

There is a big difference in having an ego and self belief. It has taken me a long time to understand that. People with big egos are generally rude, selfish, takers that in one way or another sap your energy and leave you empty to their own gain. People with self belief are for the most part caring, nurturing, givers who lift you up, show you your strengths and build on them. They are also the ones that tend to attract people…….they give you their time without clock watching and only want to see you shine.

I am very lucky to have a select few of these people in my life, without knowing it they are my inspiration to keep going. So I have had a good, hard look at myself and my life. I have goals I want to reach, dreams, nothing happens without us working toward it and making it happen, but sometimes miracles do come into play. I, like so many others want my happy ever after. Not the kind of fairy tale that includes a Prince, riding a stallion to rescue me from the humdrum, but the kind where this Princess believes enough in herself to make it happen.

I am collecting the people along the way that inspire me to be better, do better and be a better person. These people have come into my life now for a reason and I truly believe it is because I have let go of my self doubt and I am allowing myself to see the possibilities. Not only ahead of me, but within me.

I am open to all the good things that are beginning to come my way. Bring them on I say. I can’t do it all on my own and to be honest, I don’t believe that I am meant to…….that is where these people that are inspiring me to be more have come in.

Its never too late to be what you want to be, to live the life you wish and include the people that support you and encourage you. Not everyone is going to like your decisions, this is your life, your journey. Remember to stay true to yourself, that is the difference between being a giver or a taker. Never give with expectations, give to inspire.

Stay posted, I truly believe 2016 is going to get interesting.



I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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