Love Day ❤️

I joke about being alone on Valentines Day, which in case you need reminding is this Sunday. However I am just joking. Valentines wasn’t a big date on my calendar when I wasn’t single, so why would it be more important now?

It’s just another day. Like most significant days it has become totally commercial and rife with anticipation and expectation. Chocolates, flowers, jewellery, dinner… sitters…..proposals the list is endless. The pressure that we put on ourselves to have the perfect day is ridiculous.

Let me tell you a secret…… Come close and pay attention.

If you are waiting only for February 14th to do any of these things, you are doing it all wrong. Go figure……..If you really care about someone you don’t need the world to tell you when to show it. It is a 24/7, 365 days a year deal. Now, before I get shot down here……I’m not saying everyday should be hearts and flowers either. Like all things in life……moderation is key.

I can tell you, personally, I would rather flowers either bought, grown or picked from someone else’s garden shhhh….given on a ‘just because’ day than a big public show in February. It’s when things happen unexpectedly that they mean the most and create the best memories.

Also a tip for partners out there……a busy, working mum or a mum of young children would much prefer a gift of a night off, a facial, pedicure or lunch out with friends than a bunch of flowers or chocolate. These things show not only that you care but that you care enough to notice what’s really needed.

Love is shown in so many small, insignificant ways on a daily basis. A touch, a smile, hug, kiss and sometimes just sitting quietly with the one you care about. Cherish these moments, they become the memories you hold onto…..the big Valentines Day gestures and gifts really are not necessary.

Hug them, hold them close and never forget to tell someone what they mean to you and continue to show it daily……it’s that simple. You get what you give, so give it away freely.




I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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