Mine’s broken……?

Yep…….it’s broken.

My ” find-a-goodin” radar.

Now before you all start screaming NO at me in unison, trust me, I know what I’m talking about,  my track record speaks for itself!!!!!

At the very least, it’s faulty and should be returned to the manufacturer for a replacement 😂😂😂

Seriously, I can joke about this and there is an amount of tongue in cheek here, but it got me thinking.

How do we know? Really.

At the beginning of any relationship, friendship, love, business…….we all want to put our best foot forward. Show others our ‘good’ side. No one is willing to start straight off the bat revealing their inner psycho or murderous tendencies!!

So we all say the right things, do the right things, introduce the people that will talk us up. And as in everything, we all start off giving a lot more than we take.

So how do we know?

I am the sort of person that always wants to see the good in others, constantly gives more chances than I should to allow people to change and ultimately gets screwed over in the process. I’m not just having a whinge here, I’m being honest.

I swear I had the ‘use me I’m a doormat’ tattoo removed from my back a year ago. A realisation if you like, that I need to be a little more picky.

This is where those pesky trust issues come in. Mine, not someone elses. How do you move forward and trust yourself to not get it wrong again? I don’t know. That’s my answer. I really don’t.

A friend of mine said…….’but you need to get out, they don’t home deliver’. Well that sucks!!!! No one can hurt you if you stay at home.

Am I ready to dip my toe in again? Maybe……..maybe not. At the end of the day whenever I am ready, this will be my biggest issue. Trusting myself.

After all I am the sprinkler of fairy dust, the believer in fairy tales and miracles. And I deserve the happy ever after as much as anyone else. When I do enter the water it will be one toe at a time and very slowly, not my signature belly flop.

If someone wants me in their life, from now on, they’re going to have to prove it. I have standards and a new found respect for myself that I will not lower.


So the door is open……how I’m treated will mean it will either close gently as you enter or it will slam you in the arse as you leave. Now if I could just find my keys……….







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