Everything that happens everyday is a lesson.

Either for you or for what you can teach others by simply being yourself. Look around you. Look at what you see, what you read, the things that interest you and the people you are drawn to……..they are all the things that matter to you and help you to grow.

Some people inspire just by the way they live their life. Caring, honest people….. They give freely of themselves, their time and attention. They act with integrity and a genuine interest in you and what you are all about. They are also the people that act without expectation. They want, nor ask for anything in return.

If you know people like this, cherish that connection. In life these days we are all so busy making a living that we don’t always realise the worth of others until they are no longer in our life. Don’t ever get so busy that you forget to nurture those connections. In this age of technology there really is no excuse. Sometimes a simple text, email or IM is all it takes to reconnect…… it. Make the effort. You never know how someone else is feeling……that gesture could turn out to be the best thing that’s happened to them today.




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