Love letters….

I was watching the coverage of Nancy Reagans funeral, when it was told how President Reagan would write her love letters, but also leave love notes around for her to find.

Now, the true romantic in thinks that is just awesome. How special to have someone love you like that. Clearly Ronnie was a romantic also. Theirs was a love story right from their Hollywood roots. It just struck me how validated, appreciated and truely loved she must have felt.

But it got me thinking……

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

In this frantic world of texts, emails, IMs and voicemail the majority of us have lost this gentle art of communication. It’s sad really. If you actually sat down and wrote a letter it shows some qualities.

That you care enough to take the time, that you put in some thought and some effort. We should all pick one person to write a letter to and just do it.

I don’t mean a letter for services or a letter of complaint. No, I mean a real, heartfelt letter. It doesn’t gave to be a genuine love letter, it just needs to make the recipient feel special.

Lets face it…….how much nicer would it be to get a letter out of the mailbox instead of just bills and junk mail.




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