I was thinking today how so many people look for faults, flaws and problems with others instead of looking for the good and celebrating achievement.

In Australia we call it tall poppy syndrome. Put quite simply it is bringing others down, dissing, being negative etc. My only question is…….why?

We are all out there doing our thing, getting on with life. Some are endeavouring to make changes in the world for our future, our children’s future and many generations to come. Others are just trying in some small way to make the lives of others better. So why bring people down?

Often it’s lack of understanding, fear, ignorance and plain old jealousy. People have a tendency to be so full if their own opinions to see the worth of the opinions of others. No one is right all of the time, no matter how often they tell you so. Just think, if everyone always thought that way there would be no cooperation in the world at all.

While I was thinking of writing this today my second son, the challenge, informed me of a message he received this afternoon. Put simply, it was a true appreciation message. Someone he’s never met, yet follows him and his music on Facebook felt the need to let him know how much his music and words meant to them. Imagine that…….someone being genuinely nice to someone else without expecting anything in return. It reinforced my feeling of kindness to and acceptance of others as being two of the most important traits you can have.

We need to celebrate the little things people do as much as we do the big life changing ones. What may seem small could in fact be life changing for someone. We are all dealing with our own issues and demons. Stop and think just how much it means to you when someone is kind rather than negative. Pay it forward…….once you start to do this you will be repaid in ways you never thought possible.

Lift others, encourage, assist and make them feel like they matter. It’s that simple.

Try it……..I promise you, once you start to do it, you’ll be hooked.


I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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