Be kind……

I sit here on my last night at home for a month, off on my adventure with mum on the high seas. I’m organised and packed…….ready!I can’t find the words to convey how excited I am, but it’s fair to say, it’s more than a little.

However, I can’t ignore the fact that as the ship pulls away, it is I that Β should be the one standing on the dock waving farewell. I would give anything for that to be the case. This was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime for mum and dad. As you know, dad passed away back in June last year……his wish was for my mum to still take the trip they had planned and for me to go with her. Am I lucky? No. There is no luck in the loss of dad. Grateful? You better believe it. For the years we had him, for the love he gave and for the lives he continues to touch.

So as bittersweet as it is…..this was his wish for mum and I and we owe it to him to enjoy it. I’m not sure if this cruise is ready for the two of us……but batten down, we are coming anyway.

I’m not too sure how good the wifi connection will be on board, but you will hear from me from time to time. I’ll try and not make you too jealous 😁

So in my absence I ask only one small thing.

Be kind to each other. Smile and do nice things for others without expectation. Take the time to reach out to those that may be struggling. But most of all…… kind to yourself.







I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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