Lost at Sea……

Hi, it’s been a while.

Well I’ve been on this floating city for 6 days now.

Way too much food available for a glutton like me 😩 But that’s what holidays are all about. Right?

Mum and I have met some wonderful people of all ages, race and culture. I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories of their lives off ship and the adventures of previous cruises.

I defy anyone to come on this ship and have something to complain about except the weather, which unfortunately has not been the best the past couple of days. We are now sailing toward a more tropical climate and with that will come sunshine and humidity…….. Bring it on β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

The entertainment has been wonderful. We crossed the International Date Line at 11.30 last night…….and of course there was a dedicated party to mark the occasion.

Everytime I sit in the main dining room or there is a party atmosphere where everyone gathers I have flash backs to The Poseidon Adventure 😱😱😱 However it would take something massive to cause a problem with this ship.

Mum it having a wonderful time being social, I think this is doing the world of good. She’s catching up on sleep she hasn’t had for months. Moments of memories flash across her face and that’s hard to see….. It is also something she must do to keep moving forward. I feel dad is around us all the time a very comforting feeling.

We have been to Bay of Islands which was just beautiful……the emerald green of the water there was incredible. There were dolphins everywhere, so very special.Then it was on to Auckland…….a Maorie experience, a walk around town and then we were off again.

Next stop French Polynesia. Papeete then Bora Bora and Β Moreea.

What im loving about being here is that you can do as little or as much as you like at anytime. This morning I missed all but the end of a Hula lesson and they were having so much fun. I’ve met some wonderful trivia buffs who are winning free bottles of champagne, dinner Β vouchers in the exclusive restaurants etc.

For a people person like me this is a treasure trove. I’ve even added a couple of extra Facebook friends. I could sit and watch the passing parade, with a cocktail in hand of course, all day long.

The selection of food, in the buffet alone is extensive……then you add in all the restaurants………I could eat nonstop all day and night if I wished, but I’m not 😁

So I’m going to go and contemplate my first cocktail for the day.

Keep smiling and being known nd to yourself and others.



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