It’s been a while…..

I’m back!!!!!

Dont worry, I won’t bore you with too many details.

This trip has been an amazing adventure for me in so many ways. Finding myself on the trip after the passing of dad. I wasn’t sure just how it would go. Mum still being so raw emotionally and I have to say at times, when I least expected it, I was overwhelmed with emotion and loss. He wanted us to go and go we did.

Through a few ups and downs we survived it all and I have to say seeing mum laugh and enjoy herself made my heart smile. A re fracture of her instep slowed her down and caused her immense pain but for the most part she just kept on going 😍

For the first time in my life I had laryngitis. I’m sure some people were thankful. At times I’d go to speak and nothing would come out. Lucky for me I managed to find myself a willing translator 😉

We met some truly wonderful people, some of which I know will be friends for life……..I’m still missing a select few at the moment. Mum also made new friends that she will be keeping in contact with 😊

I was ready for the trip and found I was in a more relaxed state than I ever could have imagined. I was open to embracing everything that came my way. 😚

Pour week in Hawaii was bittersweet for mum as she was do use to being there with dad and by the time the last couple of days came around she was ready to come home.

I was not !!!!!! Just for the record.

I so enjoyed my time in paradise. I certainly was not ready for the massive dose of reality that has come my way over the past 2 days…….but life goes on and on and on.



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