Looking back.

I was asked today what I miss most from my time away. First and immediate answer is the people. Not just the ones I have become close to, but the people in general. I’m a people watcher and oh boy were there some interesting subjects. And yes there are those that have touched and changed me in ways I never imagined possible when I walked out my door a month ago. For those I will forever be thankful and extremely grateful.

However, when I really allow myself to think back the one thing I miss the most is that constant moving of the water.

That sound and feel as this great ship, the moving city, pushes ever so gently through the ocean. The odd swell that causes it to rise up and force a fine mist of spray through the air…….to be completely surrounded by this huge expanse of water, not seeing anything else for days at one of the Pacific Oceans deepest points is hard to explain. That constant of knowing when you look out it is all that you see. The ocean, the sky and the horizon. It’s calming, yet has a strength all of its own.

I miss that strength.

For me the ocean has always been a place of relaxation……but this was different….. Powerful. A sense of isolation and total freedom.

At times I had a ‘ stop the world now, I don’t want to get off’ feeling…….I could have kept sailing forever and intend to again.

Power, peace, calm and totally free.



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