I know I’ve been unusually quiet since my return from my trip.
Lots of different things running through my over packed brain. Some lingering pleasantly, some I’d like to re do over and over again and some I’m working at placing in one of those cupboards in my head…….but damn, sometimes it’s hard to shut that door.
Returning to ‘normal’ life while suffering those post holiday blues has been challenging. Those blues are settling now that our weather here has taken a drop in temperature. While the sun was still shining bright it just didn’t seem as though I should be back. But back I am…….
I have way more photos from the trip than a person could ever need…..but I’m so thankful I have. I can go back time and time again. I can even tell you exactly where I was, and when for each and every sunrise and sunset.
As most of you would know this was never my holiday. It was mum and dads dream trip. In June last year fate stepped in and changed our lives, our worlds forever. One of dads last wishes was for mum to still take this trip and for me to go with her. Not only did I get to spend four weeks with mum and fulfil dads wishes, fate put me on a direct collision course with some beautiful people that I believe I was meant to collide with.
I guess what I’m trying to say is it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or have done. Everyday is a new start to be and to create whatever you want.
If you get the chance…….travel.
Make new friends.Take too many photos. Look back often. Keep the lines of communication open with those that have touched you in some way.
What I didn’t factor in when going on this trip with mum was the new friends I would make. Some of which are bonds that will last a lifetime…….for that alone, I’m truly grateful.
Half the fun is in the planning………plans can become reality and then dreams really can come true.
Believe in yourself and all that you can be.
And always, always expect the unexpected.
It can leave imprints on your soul you could never have imagined.



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