Seasonal changes ……

I am who I am. I make absolutely no apologies for being me.
I’m a dreamer, a romantic and a strong believer in fairytales coming true.
Deep down, whether we admit it to ourselves or not……most of us believe the same. We all want that person to love and to be loved in return. No one wants to end up alone and lonely at the end of their life.
We hear so often “things happen for a reason “. I have a bit of a problem with that statement. I’d like to know why good people die younger than they should.? Why babies and children are abused and murdered in the name of ‘love’? Why in someone’s mind it’s ok to blow up and mame and kill hundreds or thousands? Why babies are born with horrible illness?  These are questions nobody will ever be able to give me a satisfactory reason for. They are just wrong no matter how you look at it.
But some things do happen for a reason.
Sometimes fate steps in and puts you in the right place at the right time. Introducing you to people that can make an impact on you no matter how small or how fleeting. It could be a career changing path or a life changing one. Or it could simply be to give you a shake and a little wake up call.
This is your life……go out and live it!!!!!!
Maybe that path reminds you that you are worthy of so much more than you give yourself credit for. That you deserve all the love you give to others coming back to you. That you have people in your life no matter where they are or how often you speak or see them, that will always have your back. Or just maybe to help you find your strengths again.
At the end of the day we all need to work to make a living…….pick something you will enjoy……you’ll be doing it for a long time.
Remember to take time out for you……no point living to work if you are not also working to live.
Be patient……. Not so easy for me to say. I have one of the most impatient hearts I know.
For those that have found someone to share and spend the rest of your life with….. Congratulations, now don’t screw it up.
For the rest of us……it will happen…..there is apparently someone out there for everyone. Or so I’m led to believe. Don’t go looking too hard, that’s not when you’ll find them. Let fate take over…and just enjoy the ride. Your time will come, you just have to believe a little more. Seriously, in this I need to take heed of my own words…..patience is easy to say, difficult to practice.
So whether it be a reason, season or lifetime,  grab it with both hands, enjoy every minute of it and be thankful it was given to you.
Then go out and be someone else’s reason, season or lifetime.
Most of all be thankful you were given an opportunity…..we are only given so many years, don’t waste them.



I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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