The Broken Road

The Broken Road

When you lose someone you love
They say things will get better
You’ll adjust and get use to it
Yes you will adjust, because you have to
Yes things will get better, over time
But you will never get use to it

It’s the quiet moments that will get you
The moments you’re alone
When something happens good or bad
You turn to tell someone, and no I be is there
When you feel you’ve become someone else
That entity without an other

The road is not easy and it is long.
Sometimes it seems like it’s just straight and steady forever
Then it throws hairpin bends to knock you off your feet
It climbs mountains so high you think you’ll never get to the top
Then all of a sudden you’re flying down the other side

Along the way you will stop and start
Sometimes you’ll stop because you’re tired and feel you can’t go on
Other times you’ll stop because you’re enjoying the view
But you will always keep going
That’s called life……

The road ahead is going to be bumpy
It’s going to test your strength and spirit
Just remember it’s the road that is broken
Not you…….


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