We spend our whole lives waiting.
For the school bell, the holidays
Birthdays, Christmas morning

The end of our school life
Our first car, first job
First kiss, first love

Our first home, family
The face of our first child
After waiting that very long 9 months

Waiting to see them grow
Wishing it wasn’t happening so fast

Waiting for things to change
To get better
A new home, a better car
More money, more luxury

If you are still waiting for things to change
Do something about it

Having new, having more,
Doesn’t make it better
Doesn’t make us happier

Nothing changes until we do
Stop waiting and hoping
Start doing…..

When we change our attitude
How we see ourselves in the big picture
Taking steps forward
Making conscious choices
Appreciating what we do have
Changing what is necessary
And accepting these changes

Accepting ourselves as we are
Stop changing for others
If they expect you to change
They shouldn’t be in your life
If you’re not happy, move on

Life is too short to spend it being miserable
Get on with it
Live your life for you first
If you’re not happy
Good chance those around you are feeling it too

Make a priority list for you
Not a grocery list, a chore list
But a genuine list to cover your needs

I promise you, when you do
You’re life will change
It’s not selfish, it’s called self care

If we don’t care for ourselves, how can we truly care for others
Live, love, give, share, smile, believe, dream

My Friday ramblings…….
Long overdue


I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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