1st world problems!


Around 12 months ago my hair started to go crazy and literally fall out and break.

Then outside of nowhere my dead straight, lifeless hair went curly.

Yes, curly I say. OMG……. All my life I wanted curly hair and here it was. I’d waited 49 years for it…..well it’s closer to 47, the first 2 years of my life I was practically bald. Then for the next few years, if I wasn’t wearing a dress I had to carry a handbag or a doll to distinguish me from the boys. Thank goodness I no longer have to do that!!!!!

So my hair. Curly, bouncy, fun and easy. Oh was it easy…… I loved it.

No one could give me a definitive answer to why this happened. I asked my Dr, hairdresser……nope, no idea. Not to worry, I didn’t really care…..I had my long awaited curls!!!!!!

Well, almost 12 months to the day I went curly…… I’ve gone straight again.

noooooooo……. I want my curls back!!!!!! ( tanty time)

Now I know you are probably all reading this and thinking that’s it, she’s really lost it this time…… No I haven’t, well maybe……. But it got me thinking.

Why is it that so much of how we see ourselves is based on what we see in the mirror and not who we actually are?

For women in particular and that statement is in no way meant to be sexist or to discriminate against men, but I am a woman, I work with women……I can only talk on what I know……. Now back on track…….

What we see in that reflection determines in our minds what others see in us.

We think we’re too fat, too lumpy, hair too short, dry, curly, drab, too many wrinkles and ohhhh those bags under our eyes and when Didi grow an extra chin?????

Harsh you think????  Oh boy you have no idea.

We strive for the perfect cut, colour, style. After all it’s our crowning glory. It frames our face, the one with the bags and wrinkles!!!!! It’s only hair, but for many of us we give it a personality all of its own and we expect it to deliver.

Then we start on the face……Oh boy, here we go!!!!

The best eye cream, anti sag, anti wrinkle, no shine, oil free but I still need hydration as I’m dry… hearing me??????

STOP the bus I want to get off!

We are our own worst enemy…..we all have some part of ourselves we don’t like the look of, it’s the first place we look and believe me we look to criticise.

We need to realise, we could have the perfect hair, skin, make up, expensive shoes, car etc…….none of that makes us perfect or beautiful or complete. Or a better person……our being and the way we treat others is what does that. If you have all those things and you’re not a nice person, how you look is irrelevant.

Yes, we want to look good and feel good about ourselves but we need to be good to make that happen

When people are happy it shows, in the way they look, walk, talk….. Good people at heart are the same.

No amount of perfect can make you beautiful if you’re ugly at heart.

So my point is…….it’s only hair.

There are far more important issues within ourselves that need our attention. Change focus…….look within to see what others see. Work from the inside out and watch that reflection change.






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