We live in such an uncertain world these days.

Factions fighting factions. Children being shot because they have the wrong beliefs or were simply born on the wrong side of the border.

People blowing themselves and innocent people up in the name of religion. Beheading foreign innocents, slaying in the streets. In front of cameras for the world to see. To fear. Creating unrest and mistrust that should never be there.

Uncertain financial future. Where the tiniest mistep of a small country in the farthest corner of the world can affect the stock markets of the biggest economies in the world. Wiping millions off retirement funds and crippling the lives of people who have worked their entire life, paid taxes, paid off their homes,only to be left struggling.

What sort of legacy is that for future generations?

My grandchildren, their children. What sort of a world will they grow up in?

We teach our kids to study hard and you’ll get a god job. There are so many long term students in universities and colleges around the world. Highly educated, too educated…….they can’t get a job!!!!!!

In so many sectors full time employment options are becoming a memory. Casual work and part timers are trying to make ends meet in a world where nobody is irreplaceable.

I don’t have a lot to leave my children….. I’m not rich, not financially, but I have so much that money can’t buy.

Family, friends, a roof over my head, a job. I believe in being honest and giving back and paying it forward.

I believe that being kind of heart and mind will bring you more than any amount of money can. Integrity is doing what is right, both for yourself and for others.

If you give openly and often it comes back in so many ways. If I was able to bring about world peace I would, I can’t ….but you can create peace around you. Show love, trust, humility, laughter and always find something to be grateful for.

You can’t control what others do, you can only be true to yourself.

That will be your legacy.






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