Lucky me….

Sitting here on a cool, windy Spring morning and reflecting on just how lucky I am.

I have three wonderful children, two healthy, cheeky, funny and lively grandsons.

I absolutely love where I live and the space I have created around me.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to change tack in my career and do something that means so much to me. I am surrounded at work by some wonderful people with like minds.

Friends that make me laugh, comfort me when I cry and accept me 100% for who I am without judgement.

In a world that is trying to tear itself apart I feel nothing but calm and peace. Yes, that alone makes me lucky. I do however work my life like a full time job.

You can’t just get up and decide to be happy, you need to change, move, let go…….do what it takes to create your happy space. Know and believe that you can’t change people if they don’t want to change. Know that you can’t fix the woes of the world as one person, only the woes in your own life.

Understand that no matter what happens, if it’s out of your control and you can’t change it…..let it go. Sure you can  acknowledge it and then you must move on. Too many of us carry burdens that are not ours to carry. They weigh us down, rob us of peace……..stop carrying the load of others.

I was told by an Dr three years ago that I had to learn to be selfish. I thought that was the worst thing I had heard. Selfish to me meant being mean,nasty and uncaring. Oh boy was I wrong. It simply means putting you thoughts, feelings, wants and needs first in every part of how you live your life.

Find time for you…..don’t say yes if you are unsure or straight out mean no. Take the time to breathe and pause before answering anyone or anything that asks something of you. Stop thinking people won’t like you if you say no……who cares??? If they judge you simply for your answer, they don’t really like you anyway. The only person that has to like you, is YOU.

The most interesting observation that has come from this is that the more you like you and accept who you are, the more people like you, respect you and accept you. I’m not saying everyone that knows me likes me……I’m sure there are some that downright despise me…..and that’s ok. A well known quote is “What others think of you, is none of your business “. Remember it, its true.

I guarantee, if you are honest with yourself and others. Be who you are without apology and treat others how you want to be treated, you will find your own sense of self, peace and happiness. Other people can’t truly make you happy. Stop thinking they can, it’s a false sense of happiness. The only person that can truly fill the happiness hole, is you.

The only thing I ask, do it now.

I didn’t understand all of this until I was truly broken…… I don’t want to see anyone so low before they realise it. Trust me, it’s a long, slow climb back up when you’re that far down.

In a way, I am truly thankful for having been so low……it has taught me so much and given me an opportunity to share my lessons with others. This brings me happiness.

Learn to be truly grateful for what you have and stop wishing your life away. It goes by so fast……slow down and enjoy it.





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