Let me start by saying this is just an observation piece, I am neither a Trumper or NO Trumper, I am just an a Aussie girl watching from afar. I have however been following the American Presidential Race and ultimate outcome very closely. It was also once  what happened on the opposite side of the world didn’t affect our little piece of Paradise…….not anymore.  With the rest of the world now being just a keystroke away, global economics, trade and yes when the First Lady sneezes affects everyone’s day to day life, even if we don’t realise it. It may not have an immediate consequence but make no mistake, somewhere down the line, it will.

Now as an outsider, America, in my opinion, you didn’t have much to choose from.

An arrogant multi millionaire, reality TV star who owns half of New York and likes to coat it all in gold and blaze his name wherever possible . With a passion for tweets…….OR…….

An ex First Lady and Secretary of State, who in my opinion only got that job because President Obama followed the ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ mantra. I do believe the President didn’t like her as much as he wanted everyone to believe. That being said, you then add the email issues, Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation troubles and she honestly thought the population would trust her to lead them into the next four years?????

So, the race is run, the electoral college has voted, TWICE. It’s official, you and the rest of the world now have President Elect Trump. Again from an outsider…….the no Trumpers need to accept this. We have seen many excuses as to why he won and Mrs Clinton did not but not once have I heard anyone close to the democratic candidate say, it may have been her own fault.

To sit here on the other side of the world and watch the protests and riots, the people being bashed for their political views, the college students being given permission to skip classes and see counsellors in crying rooms……please! Do you not realise how that looks to the rest of the world.

President Elect has been putting his cabinet together, like his business dealings he is putting people in place to assist and advise what he doesn’t know himself. I hope he can follow through on a lot of his promises. Like him or hate him, he is correct on National Security, he is correct on creating jobs in America for Americans. We must remember, ultimately he is a business man and therefore looks at everything with a business brain. Who knows given, half the chance, he might just make a difference. All I know, from the other side of the world, I hope he does. If he doesn’t the rest of the globe will suffer.

At the end of the day he IS  about to be the new POTUS……and with that comes a duty and gravity to us all, both inside America and everywhere else in the world. He has been spruiking his task of ‘Make America great again’…….let’s hope he succeeds, for his if he doesn’t the consequences will be vast.






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