O’Christmas Tree πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

I make no apologies for not being in the festive spirit in the lead up to Christmas. With a fibromyalgia flare that literally knocked me off my feet, a worsening bout of chronic fatigue and Β my depression not just nipping at my heels but actually taking chunks I had every right to feel blah. The only thing I had to look forward to and cling onto was that my little man, now 9 was arriving Christmas Eve to spend a week with me and the family. Truth be told, if he wasn’t going to be here I would not have even put my Christmas tree up this season.

However, put it up I did. With a little help from my 4 legged, furry friend Popcorn or Poppi for short. He was such a great help 😺😺



So the tree was up, decorated in my blues, purples and silver. Apparently it’s very on trend, not that I’m interested in that, it matches my decor, I like it, therefore that’s what it is. And yes, I will admit, once it was up and turned on for the first time I was pleased I’d made the effort. Now to have to put up with above mentioned ‘helper’ trying to tear it down 😼 Today though I decided now than my little man has returned home to his dad, I may as well take it down.

I have to admit as I methodically took the ornaments off and carefully placed them back in their box, again with my ever present helper trying to take them back out πŸ™€ that I really enjoyed having it up after all. I love the freshness of having a white tree, not sure if it’s because I have a deep wish to one day celebrate a White Christmas or if it simply that it’s fresh and blends in. The colours of my ornaments came about because it sits on the cusp of my lounge and dining/kitchen which is white and blue… and silver with the splash of purple just seemed right. But what I think I will miss the most is the warm glow it gave at night…..there was something odd about how that made it feel cosy and homely. With that it made it all worthwhile.

Now I had promised Popcorn that if he was a good boy I would buy him a present to go in that very spot once the tree came down. Yes I know my crazy is showing, as if he knew what I was talking about! I also know I’m not the only pet owner that carries on everyday conversations, albeit one way with their pets.

Anyway, after he helped me so kindly put the the tree down and pack it away in its box for another year. He watched me carry it out the door to the garage. All of a sudden I hear this awful growling sound and him charging from one room to another. I can only put this down as a tantrum, yes my tree hogging helper was showing his disapproval of my removal of THE tree 😾 As parents we know that keeping our promises is important…..again my crazy is showing……who cares πŸ™ƒπŸ€£ So now the spot that the Christmas tree stood is a different sort of tree…..a cat tree, Popcorns present for being the annoying, amusing helper that he is.


He hasn’t been inside it nor up it……but he will. Maybe I need to add some fairy lights and tinsel…… all I know is festive or not, having my tree up was good for my soul even if I didn’t know the true value of that Β until I was taking it down.

Happy New Year Dreamers, dream on… won’t wait.

Lisa & Poppi




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