The business of the free world.

As I wake up here in Australia this morning I was amazed that everything was the same!!!!! Of course I say this in jest, but with the inauguration of the 45th President, the new leader of the free world anything was possible.

What amazes me is that official handing over of the reigns takes so little time.  Around 15 minutes of the transition itself surrounded by hours of hype.

Firstly I am a self confessed lover of pomp and circumstance and no one does it like the U.S of A.  Their patriotism, the brass bands, marches and oh that Anthem. I am an Aussie through and through but I believe the National Anthem of America is the best in the world. Gosh even I swell with pride when I hear it. I defy anyone not to think it’s an emotion touching Anthem, but maybe I’m just odd……. I can almost feel people nodding their head….agreeing with the odd bit !!!!

In the background of these celebrations are the anti Trump protests and I’m sure there were many, to what end? Donald J Trump is now the President, their protests aren’t going to change that. Are they going to keep this up for the next 4 years? Really? From an outsider looking in point of view, it’s getting tired now.

Never be in doubt, President Trump is a very smart man…he must be, look at his new address! What I mean and what I hope is that he uses those smarts to put the right people in the right places. As a business man, that’s what he knows how to do. You hire people to do the jobs.  How much his family members that will play roles are the right people, I’m not sure. For me, that seems to be all about trust. His family is who he works with and trusts to have his best interest at heart. It’s different, but does that make it wrong? Not for me to say.

I can’t help but wonder how Mrs Trump , the First Lady, is feeling. She has only been an American citizen for 10 years, I can’t imagine at any point when she was moving to America that she thought she would live in the most famous home on Pennsylvania Ave. I say with a bit of a chuckle that his youngest son, Baron just can’t get into the groove. He doesn’t seem too happy about it all. I imagine in this day and age, even at 10 he would be well aware of the dangers that this position puts his dad in. So for me that disinterest is probably a mix of fear, dismay and a wish of anonymity.  As we often hear previous First a Family’s say, the children never ask for it and in a way even though they continue to grow their life stops in many ways. For a ten year old boy, that has to have an impact.

I am neither a Trump supporter or a Non Trumper as they are known, I am simply a world citizen that has the hope of seeing world peace in my lifetime, of seeing the downtrodden treated right, the service men and women of the world being treated with the respect they deserve when they return. These things are not exclusive to America they are worldwide issues.  As has been the history, President Trump is the leader of that free world  that we are all a part of. All we can do is wait and watch. I would rather wait in hope that in despair and disruption.

At the end of the day, this is just my opinion and my observation. Time will certainly tell, either way the 45th President will leave his mark on the pages of history.







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