Right to march……

It was always going to happen, I couldn’t sit here and watch what’s been going on without forming an opinion of some sort.

Am I a woman? Yes

Am I a feminist? In a fashion

Am I pro life? Hard to answer.

Will these marches make a difference? I doubt it.

The first question is easy, yes I am a woman, I was born with all the appropriate female bits. So no question there.

I said in a fashion to being a feminist. Yes I believe in equal rights for women but I suppose I’m more a humanist as I think every human is equal……but, I also know there are things that men can do better than me and vice versa. Reality is my guide on feminism. There should be no barriers stopping anyone from doing what they believe they in, if they are capable…..this goes for men and women. I have the pleasure of knowing quite a few men that are well in touch with women’s issues and could almost be classed as feminists themselves. Simply because they, like me believe that if you are capable then you should be able to pursue anything regardless of gender. So that is my stance on feminism in general.

Now for the very sensitive issues surrounding pro life. I do not sit either way, because to me it is a very personal thing. It depends on circumstance, and as a mother and now a grandmother I will be honest, I’ve never had to consider it. I believe there are good reasons for abortion, rape and abuse are the first to come to mind. But to me if you want to debate the issue, then it goes back to feminism itself. A woman should have the right to choose, based on their own, personal circumstances. No man, Doctor nor Government should be able to tell a woman or a man for that matter,  what they can and can’t do with their bodies.  End of story.

Makng a difference. It’s a little like the protests and I have to say riots that occurred in America between the Election results and Inauguration…..they were not going to change the fact that on January 20, Trump would be sworn in as the 45th President. These marches, protests and themes have been going on around the world for a long, long time.  I have no problem with respectful, peaceful protest however, I , and let me make this very clear, I  am neither a prude nor do I live under a rock, but I as a woman found myself offended by some of the signs and fancy dress I witnessed. I’m not even going to start on Madonna. For an ageing superstar, and yes, she was, to stand there in front of millions around the world and say she has thought about blowing up the White House is damn right stupid. But, when I see women with headdresses that look like vaginas I have to shake my head and wonder as I do not believe that did anything for women and their  rights. I as a woman, just don’t get that!

What I thought, which might just be in the too hard basket……..Millions of women and men supporting women around the world came out for these marches, pro women but ultimately, make no mistake they were  anti Trump.  What a difference it might make in the world if those sort of numbers could come out in calm, quiet  marches around the world for something as inconsequential as WORLD PEACE!!!!!

Imagine the impact that may have. Women already have rights… peace is a far flung idea that would benefit men, women and children now and in the future.

I will still believe in equality for all, I will still wish that there is peace somewhere in the future, but I will not stand by people that skew the lines just to make a point. I am a woman , daughter, mother, grandmother and very proud to be so…..don’t loose the message in the moment. It does nothing for women worldwide.



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