Feminism personified……….

On the back of marches all around the world, the death of Mary Tyler Moore started me thinking today.

For many of us she really did have it all. A great job, respected, an apartment, she was happily single and had the best friends in the world.

She was the ultimate feminist. One with poise and grace and a roll model for all us then, young girls growing up in a world where reaching the glass ceiling was as important as raising a family, for some more important and that’s ok as it’s our choice, Right?

She, along with Gidget were my childhood. I have to say I never really mastered the surfboard like Gidget and raising a family was more important than any glass ceiling. However now as I am getting older and wiser I understand the lessons of those trivial, throw away TV citcoms. It was all about being yourself, surrounded by family and great friends.  I wonder if when these shows were being made they realized what a breakthrough statement the were making. I doubt it.  I also hadn’t thought much of it myself until today when that funny, strong and sensible Mary passed peacefully away.

So to all the feminists out there today, take a look back …..Mary did it on and off the screen in a peaceful, proud and strong way. So maybe we should all go out tomorrow and throw our hats in the air and truly believe that “we’re going to make it after all”/

RIP Mary Tyler Moore, a lady before your time.



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