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36 Hours of Hell

I have spent the past 36 hours in migraine hell……yep, all those migraine symptoms were mine to have and to hold, although not necessarily to hold down! It’s been a while since I’ve experienced one so severe, for that I’m extremely thankful, let’s face it, I’ve had plenty of other %#^* to deal with. So after feeling so incredibly awful for 36 hours you can imagine waking up this morning was done with some trepidation.

At some point I realised I was awake. Mmm, a little bit of an assessment needs to occur. No obvious migraine pain but a lingering ache. Remember I said I hadn’t kept anything down for 36 hours, including my regular meds, so the question running through my mind is ….normal pain versus migraine…….at this point I can’t really tell but what I do know is the all encompassing, tell tale knife point pain boring into my right eye is not present.

The next thing I noticed was that I don’t feel nauseous but I have this hollow Β knawing feeling signifying an extremely empty stomach. No matter what I need to get something in there soon. Then there is the realisation that my trembling has also lessened quite considerably. You may be thinking at this point that I’m home free……don’t get ahead of yourself, I haven’t even opened my eyes yet !!!!!! Ok eyes open…..blurry, although that’s because I am sans glasses, everything is blurry without them. But no searing eye pain, glasses on and I notice my double vision has also passed. Great let’s see about standing up…..always a necessary step to making it out of the bedroom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

A slight change in blood pressure as we all have when going from rest to standing, however over time you become acutely aware of how that slight change affects your body. Slightly unsteady, slight increase in head ache but holding my own. At this point I become insanely aware of the fact that I am starving…..and that this is now the probable cause to my unsteadiness. Anyone that knows me personally or reads me occasionally will know 2 things……..I love food and coffee. I haven’t been able to enjoy or keep food down for 36 hours and it’s actually around 48 hours since I have had a coffee 😱😱😱😱😱 I know right? Let me tell you I am beyond hangry……. As I write this I have just finished a cup of coffee, oh boy was it good…..let’s hope it sticks. I am now going to leave you to gingerly put something solid into my body …….. keep you fingers crossed, after all we can’t have me wasting away to a shadow and this is not, I repeat not a recommended weight loss treatment.

For those that don’t know the pleasures of being struck down with migraines, count your lucky stars. For those that do, know I get you. They are not ‘just a headache’ they are a full body assault and I would be just fine if I didn’t experience one so severe again for quiet some time. Β So for now I am going to feed the beast that is my growling tummy.

Happy Saturday everyone, be kind to yourself and others always.






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