7 Super Easy Mood Busters

Hi Dreamers…..we all have bad days, it’s a part of life and we need to make the most of what we have. I have compiled a list of 7 Super Easy actions you can take to help make those days a little brighter. The best part is, you can do them all for very little outlay….always a bonus, right? So let’s take a look at them one by one……


No matter what we are feeling or going through there is always something in every day to be grateful for, even  if we have to look a little harder some days.
* Buy yourself a pretty jar, doesn’t have to be anything fancy… can be something that catches your eye. Keep it cheap, there are some very pretty jars to be found in dollar shops and flea markets.
* Then buy yourself some bright coloured notepads or pastels, just steer away from boring white!!!!! Those tiny post it notes are perfect for this.
* At the end of every day write down your grateful moment, fold it and pop it in the jar. It can be one word or a statement, maybe grab the next size up in the post it notes for your longer grateful moments.

The Gratitude JarThe beauty of this is on those days when you really feel at your lowest and can’t find that grateful moment, you just reach into your jar and pick a note or two that you’ve already done. Once read, pop it right back into the jar.
This works like a treat on those low days as it distracts the mind and puts you in a state of grounding.


This is something we are all guilty of whether we are having a bad day or not and yes I have to say girls are the worst of the worst. Let’s face it we all do it and if we spoke to others the way we tear ourselves apart we would lose friends left and right.
After 12 years working in women’s fashion  I really began to see a pattern. I am yet to meet a woman who is 100% happy with her body……..I know you are nodding here!
The first thing WE do when we look in a mirror is look immediately at that spot of our body we dislike……..mmmmmm, the nodding again!!!
What is really interesting is, no one else knows that taboo area, so they’re not looking at it. If you dress correctly and are taught how to do that, then people see the whole picture. We must stop shaming ourselves for who we are and we must turn off that niggling voice in our heads telling us so.
We are who we are and be proud of that person……be gentle, kind, reassuring and damn pleased we make it through each day…….being nice to ourselves will make it a whole lot easier.



They could be in your garden, in pot plants or that ultimate indulgence beautiful fresh bunches in a vase. I am a very strong believer in fresh flowers and to it often if my budget allows.
A bunch of fresh flowers will bring a touch of Spring into even the darkest of Winters days.

Fresh Is Best
If you can’t get your hands on some or it’s not in your budget at present I totally get it, that’s when I suggest a perfectly placed pot plant.
Maybe just outside the door where you have to pass it regularly or better still, you might have a sunny windowsill that is just screaming for you to give it some love and colour.
No matter what you chose to do, pick something you love be it the plant or the colours or maybe a memory they invoke.
Our minds are very strong and when they make a connection to something it can be a stimulating process.




Did someone just say music????
There is nothing more invigorating than putting on your favorite tunes, LOUD and singing along. Who cares if you can’t sing, it’s fun and very good for you.
The rush of endorphins released through singing and dancing is what we all need. Feel good, happy endorphins, now talk about a mood buster!!!!
Maybe your an Elvis fan or Abba or you like scooting into the room in you underwear and socks aka Tom Cruise in Risky Business…….if you’re going to do it…..go all the way and make it super, crazy fun.

Well if I have to !!!! Now please don’t rush out on my advice and purchase an expensive gym membership or anything too random.
Go for a walk and make sure you pick a location you like. Down the beach, through a dirt track, around the lake……it’s all about gentle energy. You don’t have to run a marathon for it to be classed as exercise.
Maybe you’re a Namaste person…….Yoga is a fantastic exercise, it takes concentration, stillness, being aware of your breathing and brings on a gentle rush of those endorphin thingies also.
Pilates is the same……. check them out and as with a lot of other activities it’s much more fun if  you do it with a friend.
Plus, don’t forget I did mention dancing…….1,2 Cha Cha Cha ………great form of exercise!!!

6. HERE COMES THE SUN……dodo, do do

Oops, sorry just singing to myself lol.
Get out in the sun…….And no, I haven’t forgotten the rules.
Hat, sleeves, sunscreen all the things you are constantly being told……do them.
And then, get out n the sun.

Get Out In The SunIt is the purest form of Vitamin D. If you get 15 minutes of sunshine you instantly lower anxiety levels, increase those endorphins, which are the happy hormones, so therefore lift mood and by keeping that Vitamin D level up you will help stave off bone issues later in life.

You may have noticed, before when I was talking about exercise I mentioned walking at the beach again, for very good reason. The sound of the water lapping or waves crashing is also soothing and calming……..
So by doing that you get your soothing, calming blue zone combined with your happy hormone releasing sunshine…….. if you are still looking for something to be grateful for BAM there it is!!!!!!

7. ROTFL…..

Yep, you got it……laugh!

Laugh long, loud, giggle or a real belly laugh, it doesn’t matter ….just do it (insert Nike tick)

What do you think will happen if you have a good laugh? Yep, that’s it E-N-D-O-R-P-H-I-N-S and lots of them.

You may think you have nothing to laugh about, but you can find something. Head on over to YouTube and search animals, babies or anything else that could be remotely funny and get your giggle on! So if you can’t find something to laugh at head for the internet.7 Super Easy Mood Busters

Better still use your own family….children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are all a good source of humour as are our older generation….they are funny and don”t even know it!!!!!  If all else fails grab one of your friends kids…..however I stress, please make sure you have their permission…..kidnap charges are no laughing matter!!!!!!

Anyway you get the message…..find time to laugh. Even if it is at yourself singing and dancing like you are some Broadway star, just do it!!!!!

So there you have it….My 7 Super Easy Mood Busters.

Try them I promise they wont do you any harm.

PS..I would love for you to become a Dreamer too. Please sign up for my email list where I will be able to send you more tips and tricks to help us get through life. I would love to see you there.
















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