Understanding SEO, Tailwind, Mailchimp and more.

OMG I think my brain is about to burst!!!! It’s been gathering so much information over the past few weeks I don’t think it can hold much more.
As you have probably noticed I have changed the whole entire look of Sugarloaf Dreams plus I’m also changing the way I approach my writing.
For the past 18 months that I have shared Sugarloaf with you I didn’t really take it too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly taken my content and my readers seriously but as far as blogging to earn an income, it really wasn’t my first priority. Then as you all know I became ill again back in October which has seen me unable to work for the past 6 months, because of this I have had to look at alternative future incomes. Having said that I still didn’t think that I’d be able to do it with Sugarloaf, making blogging a job was for other people, clever techy people…….not me.

Understanding SEO Tailwind Mailchimp And More

Then I joined a Facebook blogging group,  Mamapreneur Revolution ….and realised it wasn’t as out of reach as I thought. Through this group I did a fantastic week long live feed FREE course, Let’s Get Visible which you can sign up for here that introduced me to things I didn’t know anything about.
I’m not saying making a living blogging is easy, it’s not. And just for the record, no I’m not making a living from it at the moment, but I’m learning how I could, how to use these tools and with super support.
I’ve now joined 4 Facebook groups specifically on blogging…….the things I thought were way beyond me are now a little closer. Some of the things I have learnt and am still learning are……

* SEO….short for Search Engine Optimisation.
Basically what it means is using key words that a search engine picks up easily. You use them in your titles but also throughout your post.
These are only 2 of many, but it’s an application that lets you collect your readers email…WITH THEIR PERMISSION of course and then be able to issue regular newsletters, printables etc. You will notice that a little pop up screen did it’s thing as you’ve been reading this…..that’s exactly what it was for. Now is the time to tell you, if you join my mailing list I DO NOT pass your emails onto anyone else or any type of 3rd Party. I would so love for you to become a Dreamer with me, so please consider it the next time you drop by.
These are both related to using Pinterest……Pinterest is every bloggers best friend. Most bloggers will tell you that Pinterest is where the majority of their audience or traffic if you like comes from, it’s not just a place to find great recipes and household tips but an extremely powerful search engine in itself. To get the kind of traffic you want you need to be pinning between 40-80 pins a day……now that’s a lot of time. You also should be following the 80/20 rule. 20% of your own stuff and 80% of others.
You also will gain extra exposure by joining Group Boards…….
So as there are only so many hours in the day this is where Tailwind and Board Booster become such a help…..they are Pinterest Scheduling Tools…… hour on a Monday morning and you can pin, share, schedule for over 2 weeks in advance. Hello time saver.
This is a great, free scheduling tool for twitter……same as the above…..a small amount of time one morning a week and you can schedule your twitter advertising feeds for a couple of weeks. Easy as…..but also only one of many available.
I have named only a couple of image creators and I swear by Canva for my own needs. You can go direct to Canva here. You can select the size of your graphic to suit your advertising platform…..long for Pinterest, square for Instagram, narrow and wide for twitter etc. You can choose your own photos for you initial background or many of the free background images available, stickers, shapes, text….everything you need….and trust me it must be easy or I wouldn’t be using it!
I am saying Trello as that’s what I use, but there are many options available. Trello is an organisation system…….I love it, if it can keep everything in my life organised then it can help you too……You don’t have to be a blogger to use Trello, it can organise your business and personal life……basically it’s a list keeper, task keeper, interact with other team or family members……it really is a fantastic tool. I also use it as my editorial calendar as I can easily move post ideas around to suit my needs.

SEO Tailwind Mailchimp And More

These are just a few of the tools that help make up a bloggers tool kit…..there are so many more available. The majority of these are free but also have an upgraded version. As I’m not drawing an income at present I’m using the free version of each.

As there is  the remote possibility that I may make some money from my ventures eventually I have covered my *^%#…..I have the relevant business registrations and documentation…… dib, dib, dib and be like a Boy Scout, always be prepared. I’m also aware of listing any disclaimers when they are relevant.

That being said I AM NOT linked in any way to the tools I have mentioned above, but if any of them are reading…….I sure would be  happy if they wished to pay me 😂😂😂😂😂…….. well you can’t blame a girl for trying!!! In 51 years one thing I have learnt is that if you don’t ask you will never know and the worst thing that can happen is you get told NO….. and with every rejection comes growth. Another tip,  if you hear NO, politely ask WHY? That way, you can be better prepared the next time round.

The other tip I hear constantly is to not be shy…….excuse me? Shy? Clearly you don’t know me……. however, in this respect I suppose I am. Everyone is telling me I need to advertise the €£>% out of my blog pieces, just like the above course says Let’s Get Visible……being visible is key to going viral. Now viral I know, after all I spend many hours in the Drs surgery, but unfortunately, not the viral we are referring to in the blogging world. I am actually hearing stories of real people that literally post their blog on the net, went to bed …woke the next morning to thousands of shares and likes, so it does happen. I’m not going to hold my breath though, I’m sort of putting it in my fairy dust pile along with the winning power ball numbers and my next cruise……nice dreams, but there is a difference. If you do work hard enough at this, it can happen.

My own little piece of advice to those thinking of having a go and making it big in the blogosphere is….don’t ever lose sight of why you write in the first place. I write because I like it, I hope to bring inspiration to those that need it and be a voice to those without one. If that makes me some money along the way I would be thrilled, if it doesn’t but it still fulfills my original wishes  then I’ll be one very happy Dreamer.




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