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Why I follow The Mighty

For anyone that has or knows someone that has a mental illness or a chronic illness you should be following The Mighty. Why? Because they are a fantastic resource for so many of those ‘silent’ illnesses like my fibromyalgia……you know the one that people say ‘oh, I’ve never heard of that’ or mental illnesses where people just say ‘oh, I see’……I know you are nodding your heads as you read this.
The Mighty not only have fantastic information gathered from Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and a range of treating physicians, they also have the latest ‘real’ up to date information from the researchers also.
Nearly every day someone tags me in what seems like a miracle cure…….please don’t get me wrong, I am more than appreciative that they do, it means they care enough about little old me to do so and I certainly don’t wish for them to stop……I read every single post they tag me in, there just may be a tip or treatment that could assist. But my point here is a lot of hype surrounds Fibromyalgia in particular and a certain amount of misinformation also. Anyone out there reading this who has it will know all too well not to get our hopes up too high……that being said, I am a BIG believer in miracles so I never say never.

You won’t find any of the miracle hype on The Mighty, so if you are looking for just that, maybe it’s not the place for you……….genuine, up to date medical information however is what you will find.

You will also find real stories from real people across all the illness topics. This is great for a few reasons……
1. It shows doubtful non believers that what we are saying is actually happening, not only to us but to others worldwide.
2. For those of us that live with these illnesses it reminds us that we are not going crazy and some of the weird and sometimes bizarre symptoms we feel are not imagined but really are happening to others also.
3. But most of all it reminds us that we are not alone. When we are confined to our homes because our bodies or minds won’t let us do anything else, it says ‘I know exactly how you feel………’

Why I Follow The Mighty

You see, we do feel alone, not just physically but mentally and emotionally also….having a resource like The Mighty gives us a ‘place’. I’m sure that sounds very strange to some if not most of you. I mean we can be surrounded by friends and family and still feel very much alone. We don’t want to tell them honestly how we are feeling because let’s face it, it’s a bit of a downer most of the time. The last thing any one of us wants to be is a burden, yet that is how we feel most of the time when we voice what is going on inside our bodies and can be rather frightening if we actually voice what is happening inside our minds.

The statistics these days are that 1 in 3 people will have some sort of mental health issue in their lifetime……that is a lot of people…… and there are awareness campaigns happening constantly yet, I can tell you there are still a multitude of people that will tell you to ‘just suck it up’ or ‘it can’t be that bad’ or ‘you’ve got nothing to worry about, what’s wrong with you?’. Now, in 2017 there is absolutely no excuse or reason for others to be like that, but they still are.
Again there are some reasons behind it……
1. They just don’t care enough to want to understand.
2. They don’t or don’t want to be bothered to learn or form some level of understanding as that would make them weak themselves.
3. And the clincher…….fear. Yep, for all the information out there, they are frightened, scared it might happen to them or because they actually find some symptoms already resonate with them………..believe it or not, there are still some that think they might ‘catch’ it. Yep, I know……who has the mental issues now??!!!

This is why I implore people to log onto The Mighty…….you will thank me I promise.
I can go on and on here about MY symptoms and how they make ME feel, but I’m just one……one of millions who all feel the same or with varying degrees of the same. No two people have the same symptoms of anything except maybe the flu!!!!!
Anyone would think this is a sponsored post or that The Mighty are paying me to write it……….ABSOLUTELY NOT! Although it would be very nice. I have no affiliations with The Mighty at all, these are my own thoughts and words…..and I do truly believe that everyone will find something on The Mighty interesting. It is NOT just about fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, that is just where my main needs are met……but I am fascinated with the research into MS and Autism. There is an enormous amount of information for parents with children on the Autistic Spectrum or with ADD/ADHD or for some who’s parents are heading into the cloud of dementia.
As I said earlier, there really is something for everyone. Maybe your child goes to school with someone who has ADHD…..get to know the REAL issues that child deals with and their parents, maybe, just maybe it would stop the horrible judgemental issues I endured as a parent of one of these children.

I went through some extremely upsetting times with my son where he was constantly bullied for being ‘different’ ‘crazy’ and I even had parents refer to him as ‘psycho’ in front of their own children. What chance did the children have when their own parents were so wrongly judgmental and down right rude? The best way to address ignorance is with education and that’s what you can find at The Mighty. I would hate to think that 12 years on there are still parents passing that kind of misinformation onto their children, but sadly I’m sure it is still happening.
My main reason for this is education, acceptance and understanding. As always it is my wish to bring a voice to those that won’t or can’t use their own.
Please, go over to The Mighty and see for yourself………I would love for you to be able to tell me you have. You’ll find them here.

How many of you have felt misunderstood because of an illness?
Pop your comments below and let me know.

I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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