My like, love, loathe list

There are so many things over my 51(cough,cough) years that I can add to these lists. Some, of course will be obvious others maybe not so much. I guess it’s a great follow up to my previous post, writing a letter to myself. If you haven’t seen it, you can catch up here. It certainly got me thinking so here is my list of things ……

My Like It Love It Loathe It List

* Polite people…..the ones that hold a door or stand up to let a lady or the elderly sit down
* Manners……please, thank you, may I, beg your pardon
* Respectful neighbours…….you know the ones who turn the music down at a reasonable time, waiting that extra 15 minutes on a Sunday morning to start the lawn mower
* Honesty in news coverage… know that ‘fake news’ stuff!!!
That doesn’t seem like a very long list I know, probably because most of my likes have more meaning so have ended up in my love list but as you can see I like seeing good traits in others, mohst of which start from a very early age and taught at home. It’s never too early to teach a child manners, yet sadly so many are not being taught and they end up being rude, arrogant young adults. Unfortunately they get the blame when really it is their elders fault. Monkey see, monkey do …….please lead by example and ‘show’ your children how to act.


* Sunshine
* The smell of grass after its been cut or after the rain
* Water, but more importantly the sound of waves breaking
* Seeing my children happy and well
* The smiles, but more so the laughter of my grandchildren…..or any children for that matter 
* Seeing my mum shine like she used to…it’s been a tough 2 years
* Spending time with my special group of friends
* Speaking to my besties, but hearing them laugh is super special
* Coffee and chocolate…..that’s a given but I thought I’d add it in case you thought I didn’t like them 😂😂😂
* Sharing food with anyone….lol, I will never hide my love of food!!! And to share a meal with family or friends is always that little bit extra special 
* Music, music, music. Need I say more? Nope! However I do get an extra special buzz when I hear my middle child (who definitely has middle child syndrome)😂 Playing his guitar and singing it brings instant calm to me
* Flowers but more specifically tulips…..ah, their simple beauty
* Kindness…….when I see others helping others, it’s special to me. This world needs so much more kindness without expectations of something in return 
* Seeing elderly couples still holding hands, it makes me all warm and fuzzy….yep, the romantic dreamer in me. I’m still holding out for that, I’ve got a few years to go until I’m officially elderly!!!!
* Moonlight…….something special there. Any stage of the moon but I am mesmerised by that full moon. Stars would have to go here too, they go hand in hand really. As we are heading into winter here in Australia those crisp, cool nights provide clear night skies…..beautiful * My camera. It has come to mean so much to me over the past few years. It is a source of relaxation and satisfaction. The joy I get from being able to share that with others also draws me in 
* Respect for the difference in others, acceptance and honesty
As you can see, it’s not a long list but a simple one. You can see now why my LIKE list was short.
Now…..I may be a little outspoken here, so I’m pre warning you!!!

* Rudeness…….there is no need to be rude to others, especially strangers you don’t even know.
* Bad language in public, especially around small children. I am no saint and it may come as a surprise but yes, I do swear. However, there is no need for it in families where small children learn from seen and heard behaviour.
* Animal cruelty…..I know I don’t need to elaborate.
* Bullies……both children and adults…there is NEVER  an excuse 
* Bad drivers. Now I’m not pretending to be the best driver in the world……but for goodness sake put your phones down, you don’t need to Snapchat at the wheel, stop tailgating, slow down and be bloody respectful of other drivers and think of the responsibility you have behind your wheel. You may not injure or kill yourself but you could do so to someone else… would you feel carrying that around with you forever?
* Badmouthing….if you don’t know someone personally. SHUT UP
* Lack of communication… kills everything. Not just marriages but simple friendships and even family relationships. If you have something on your mind, for goodness sake say it, us humans are not mind readers 
* Dishonesty and liars
* Lack of caring for others around you
Im sure I could go on and on with this list….but you get my drift.

None of this makes me a better or worse person than anyone else. I am in no way perfect but I was raised to have respect and manners. To know right from wrong and in a time when technology did not run our lives.
I’m not dissing on technology, after all you wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t around. I still believe however that technology has made us busier than ever, overstimulation creates chaos, both in children and adults.

We live in a time of fear, horror and uncertainty. My lists, if you look at them are for the most part based on core values.
Continue to teach them to your children and the world may someday be a better place.

What is your list?
I would love for you to tell me one thing you like, love and loathe.


I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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