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Sugarloaf Dream Update

Hi Dreamers

I just wanted to pop in a let you know there are a few changes happening here at Sugarloaf Dream again. The main change is afte a lot of soul searching I have taken the plunge and decided to go self hosted. What? Let me tell you.

Up until now I have been blogging not only with a WordPress theme but on the WordPress platform. Even though I own my theme and my domain which simply means I own I was restricted in some of what I’d like to do.

The biggest difference is that I can now take sugarloafdream from a hobby of sorts to a business so I’m a little excited about that. I will have full control over the advertising you see on my blog, I will be able to advertise my own links etc. I do have some other plans up my sleeve at present, but that is where they are staying until I’m ready to make a move on that.

What does  this mean to you my Dreamers? Probably not a lot 😂😂 but it will give both of us options. So stay tuned, watch this space or any other tag line you can come up with.

Happy Dreaming in the meantime…..


I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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