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It’s all CRAP, yep Bu$%^T…….

How do you find the time for all this Social Media, Online Marketing Stuff. Yes STUFF. It’s an absolute time stealing, soul wrenching minefield ……but is it really worth it? A merry go round that is the necessary evil in creating an online presence and income. You hear others speak of a ‘passive’ income, trust me, there is nothing passive about it. There are many catch 22 scenarios along the way to that passive income stardom ! 

So that was my opening statement, it’s managed to get me a little worked up and yes, overwhelmed this week… now let me try and explain myself. Firstly I make no exceptions when I say I need to find an extra stream of income. One that is much more gentle on the body while maintaining some mental stimulation…..STIMULATION, who am I kidding, if my mind was any more stimulated I would be able to power an entire city, seriously, there is a fine line between stimulation and overload. I am all for moving forward and gaining all the relevant information to see me moving forward in my vision, but even I know when I have to say….enough is enough. Just a little caveat in here, I am not giving up, just rethinking my strategies……

I have spent the last few months gleaning as much information as I can from every possible corner of the world wide web to assist me on this road I have decided to follow, this has been enlightening, engaging, uplifting and an exhausting process. 



Yes you do, but you also need to maintain your integrity, your true beliefs and core values. Social media in marketing is HUGE, I am not trying to minimize that at all. If you are trying to post on your Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest just to name a few all by yourself, you would be lucky to find time to fit in a meal and a sleep let alone manage a business. So this is where you turn to scheduling systems. I need to tell you at this point there is NO single system that lets you schedule to all of them at the same time. There are also the free versions of some right through to very expensive versions for major companies. I kind of wish I had invented a scheduling app as I would be living on an island somewhere sipping cocktails by now….oops sorry , drifted into dream life mode! Don’t worry I don’t get to linger there too long. But what I am simply saying is there is an art to self marketing on social media.

So you get a scheduling app or apps and you load them up and let them loose on your social media accounts…, your engagement is going up, your click through rate is rising…..why haven’t I done this before? I’ll come back to this a little later.


Why? Well they are full of like minded people that are full of tips, tricks and encouragement. They also like to help others by sharing your content and following your blog, twitter feed, Pinterset boards etc. An online community IS a great lace to be and I am forever thankful for the Facebook pages I am a part of and the other members ARE all those things I have just mentioned. They are fantastic if you can keep up!!!! I need a social assistant just to follow themes, respond to links, feeds and simple questions. There must be an easier way, if there is maybe someone could tell me in the comments section as I haven’t found it yet. There really needs to be an app for managing Facebook pages.



Now there are again many different apps for design creation so the first thing you need to do is find one that is a good fit for you. I am not a design person. I mean, I know what I want it to be but creating it is a challenge. That being said, I’m not exactly in a position financially to be hiring some design guru, so just like everything else I do, I do it myself.

1. It’s cheaper.

2.When it all goes pear shaped I’ve only got myself to blame and I haven’t lost a ton of money in the process.

But back to that SEO friendly phrase…..Search Engine Optimised…. so your designs and graphics have text attached that the search engines (google, yahoo, bing) pick up on it. Yeah, no matter what i do that NEVER seems to happen ….but i’m like the little engine that thought he could…..I just keep chugging away. Then you have Pinterest Pins……MMMMMMM….rich pins are effectively SEO friendly and of course they need to be elongated for Pinterest. Square for Instagram. Squat and wide for twitter……..OMG (insert slow, deep breaths here)!!!!


Just take everything I said in the last paragraph and change design and graphics into words. The best headers are questions or lists or lists of answers, but make it an odd numbered list rather than an even numbered list as it grabs more attention. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, but I do know that it does……..Also to use those scheduling apps I was talking about you need to be generating new content to schedule, you can only rehash old or evergreen posts so many times. The more new posts you can generate and market the higher the engagement is likely to be…….are you still with me???


Well let’s get serious here, very serious…..TIME MANAGEMENT IS KEY IN EVERY BUSINESS not just online stuff. But while you have been worrying about your graphics and researching information for the zillion new pieces of content you need to be creating to use your super duper scheduling apps your google analytics are telling you that your engagement levels have dropped. Your Pinterest analytics are showing less repins and click throughs and worse still you’ve lost followers on twitter and Pinterest …OMG WHAT HAPPENED? Well you forgot your schedules had all ended and you’ve had no social media presence for 4 days……!!!!!!!!! You ma as well have dropped off the face of the earth!

OK so I hear you say it’s not that dramatic, and yes this is a tongue in cheek run down, but it is a very serious issue to those of us that a honestly trying to generate an income from an online business. I guess this is for all those people that think we just sit and type…… me, the sitting and typing part is the easy bit……BUT I am so thankful for all the people that know a lot more about all of this than I do and have taken the time out of their own very busy lives to help explain things to me. I am truly grateful.

So the next time this awkward blonde blogger posts a new piece for you to read have a giggle at my expense while doing so.

And don’t forget if you know of any Facebook Group Management apps pop them in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!!!!!






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